Jbuds J3/J3M Earbud Review!

by on Monday, May 17th, 2010

Well, Amazon just shipped to me the Jbuds J3M earbuds (which are exact same as J3 with mic).

My first impressions

I had hoped that Jbuds J3 series would be better than Jbuds J2 series since it’s a better model but no, the earbuds seem to move around my ear too much, killing a lot of that insulation.

I really liked Jbuds J2 better because the “flange” is much longer.  And yes, I even tried different sizes of buds to see if there were any difference but no, I think it’s a design flaw.

Anyways, sound is about the same as J2 but the moving around the ears is killing it, a definite deal killer since J3 series cost almost double J2 series. Also the re-enforced couplings seems a bit less studier than the J2 earbuds.

(Mic, on the other side of mic control)

(reinforced coupling, doesn’t look as strong as J2′s)

(Problem area, the unit needs to be not plugged in for my desktop computer in order to work correctly while it worked fine on my iPod, MP3, and laptop.)

Overall, the J3M earbuds aren’t worth your money simply because Jbuds J2 earbuds have much better insulation as better functionality as far as I can tell.

UPDATE (5/20): It’s been about 3 days since I’ve been using these J3Ms on my Nexus One and Palm Pre, the mic actually works great while the earbuds provide you with stereo. I would actually recommend this one over J2 since it has a mic if you are going to use it with your smartphone such as an iPhone.

Update (5/24):  After using these for a week, I’ve kinda fell in love with them as the mic on the J3M is great for talking in stereo on your smartphone, plus it works really well in the wind.  I now give it “the best earbuds to get for your smartphone”. These are great alternatives over cancer-causing bluetooth headsets, which only cover one of your ears.

Price: $39.95 on Amazon for Jbuds J3M

$29.95 on Amazon for Jbuds J3

Our rating: 4.3 out of 5

  • Good earbuds.
  • Really treble, mid range and bass but a bit lacking than Jbuds J2 due to its insulation. (too much play in the ear)
  • Earbuds don’t fit snuggly.
  • Re-enforced couplings for accidental yanks.

Our verdict: Jbuds J2 still better in performance and value.

Also see my hands-on video review of the Jbuds J3M earbuds:

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