Jbuds J2 Earbuds Review!

by on Friday, May 14th, 2010

JBuds J2 earbuds have dropped their prices a lot lately (from regular $79.99 to $13.99) so I decided to order them and try them out.

These are the “best” earbuds I have tried so far.  What makes these high-performance earbuds stand out is its ability to product larger bass than any other earbuds I have tried plus all other sound frequencies are great too.

With their recent “slash” of prices, the JBuds J2 earbuds now are the best value earbuds you can get.  It’s a killer deal.

Our rating: 4.7 out of 5

  • Best earbuds I have ever tried so far.
  • Really Great bass and treble.
  • Earbuds fit snuggly.
  • Re-enforced couplings for accidental yanks.

Price: $13.99 on Amazon (Also see this page for other colors)

For those of you who need iPod/iPhone controls, try the JBuds J3M.

(Jbuds J2 earbuds come with re-enforced couplings, making them stronger against accidental yanks, which are the leading causes of earbud failure.)

Also see my hands-on review video of the Jbuds J2 earbuds here:

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6 Responses to “Jbuds J2 Earbuds Review!”

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  5. phil Says:

    hello there. i recently purchased some J2′s based on your review and naming it the 2010 bud of the year. Well, I must say as of now I am thoroughly disappointed. These buds have absolutely no bass – they sound hollow. I assume it is there, but the J2′s just do not seem to conform to my ear. The 3 sizes they include are small, smaller, and smallest, and i am assuming that I just cannot get a perfect fit to get the bass kicking. Either that or these buds just suck with low end. I bought these after having a few pairs of apple ear buds fall apart on me. But honestly, as much as that upsets me that they fail, they were still more comfortable and have much better bass. And I used the largest size, which looking back seems like a comfortable luxury!

    So I guess I am just expressing my discontent with these buds I just purchased. They may be the best of the year to you, but to me they are hollow and unenjoyable.

    I am now trying to purchase some Turbine Pro’s off ebay on the cheap. Monster is a name I can trust for some durable stuff wires. Hopefully these will sound better..?!@

  6. Earbud Reviews Says:

    Thanks for your input, these earbuds are the best based on the performance it provides for the money you spend.

    If you want to spend less than $100 on earbuds, Jbuds J2 are the best, also there’s reinforced couplings, better than most other cheap stuff other earbud companies are using.

    If money isn’t an issue, I’d get the Monster.

    I am using the Monster earbuds right now most of the time and they are REALLY nice.

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